Crafting the Buzzy Bee Block

Crafting the Buzzy Bee Block

Hey, friends! Welcome back to another entry in my beloved "Sew and Tell" series. Today, I’m buzzing with excitement to share a petite project that’s big on charm—the Buzzy Bee Block!

The Inspiration

Inspired by the intricate art of foundation paper piecing (FPP), I decided to tackle a design that caught my eye—a delightful 3" Buzzy Bee Block designed by the talented Liza Taylor Handmade. The combination of precision in FPP and the playful theme of this block made it irresistible to make.


For this project, I chose a palette of scrap fabric in pink, honey, and mustard yellow from Art Gallery Fabrics, Fableism Supply Co., and Ruby Star Society. I felt like the colors perfectly captured the essence of a buzzing bee and added a warm, inviting tone to the block. Selecting the right fabrics is always a journey of imagining the end result, and with these choices, the block came alive with color and personality.

The Process

Foundation paper piecing allows for detailed and precise designs, which is ideal for smaller blocks like this one. The process was a delightful challenge, involving careful cutting, aligning, and stitching. Each piece was a puzzle that, when put together, gradually formed this adorable bee.

If you're looking for a thin thread, try the 50wt Aurifil. It's perfect for tiny piecing!

The Final Piece

The final block measures 3.5 inches but packs a punch with its detailed design and eye-catching colors. It’s a testament to how small-scale projects can still have a big impact, especially when they're made with love and care.

Looking Ahead

This block is destined for a garden themed zipper pouch, but the possibilities are as endless as your imagination!

Learn FPP with Me

Inspired to try foundation paper piecing yourself? I’ve put together a beginner-friendly video tutorial that walks you through the basics of FPP, from choosing your fabric to the final stitches. It’s a great way to start your own quilting project with confidence. Check out the tutorial HERE and start your own FPP adventure!

Thanks for joining me in this tiny quilting experiment. Each project I share here hopefully inspires you to pick up new challenges and enjoy the process of creating. Stay tuned for more behind-the-seams stories from my quilting table!

xo, Tamara

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